Monday, September 20, 2010

All Your Tears

Last week was not my greatest.
Whether it was the moving away of one of my best friends, the flu virus that's going around my school, my lack of sleep, or a thick mixture of the three and many other factors- I wasn't feeling all that hot. I was discouraged and tired, irritated and disconnected.
You know, sometimes I think we forget just who it is we serve. I mean, I never forget I'm a Christian. I'm always aware that I serve Jesus Christ, but sometimes I forget what the full meaning of that is. I forget just WHO He is.
It was in this mood that He spoke to me. I was in the middle of worship, struggling to let go of everything bothering me and just give in, yet He spoke. Simply saying, "I care, I really care." was all I needed. I was nearly in tears. How mindblowing is it that the God of the universe cares about my bad days? He cares when I'm upset, angry, or sad. It hurts Him to see me like that.
No matter how many times we hear that, we seem to always forget.
He directed me to Psalm 56:8, an absolute favorite verse of mine. It reads, "You number my wanderings; Put my tears into You bottle; Are they not in Your book?"
It hit me like a freight train as He continued to speak to my heart. He reminded me of that Sunday, just after one of my best friends moved to Houston. I cried the entire way home and walked in the door in the same condition. My dad immediately sat up from where he'd been napping on the couch, called me over, and laid my head in his lap while he stroked my hair. He comforted my like that until I stopped crying.
God took that instance and told me how that was exactly what He wants to do with me. He wants to take me, lay my head in His lap, and stroke my hair when I'm upset. That's how much He cares.
Remember that the next time you're frustrated, worn down, or broken hearted. God wants to lift you up and hold you. He knows you're hurting and it breaks His heart. Just let Him hold you. Let Him be your comforter.

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