Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kirsten, Don't Be a Pirate!

Myself (obviously pre-black hair), Dad, and Mitchell on Thanksgiving '09
My Dad, brother (Mitchell), and I just got back from seeing Tangled. It was a fantastic movie and we all loved it! Add our talking about the movie to the way our conversations always take weird turns, and this is what you get:

Me: "Pa, I don't want a normal romance."
Daddy: "That's likely."
Mitchell: "Like Mom going all psycho and you having hair that glows?!"
Me: "No, I mean, I want one like Rapunzel's."
Mitchell: "Oh, you mean, have rapists be attacking you and then your husband comes in and saves the day?"
Me: "Yeah, but do they have to be rapists? Can't they just be kidnappers?"
Mitchell: "Fine, they're kidnapper rapists."
Me: "No! Just kidnappers."
Mitchell: "No, they have to be rapists. You're the one that added kidnappers. Or they could be pirates... pirate rapists."
Daddy: "Does that mean they rape pirates?"
Mitchell: "No, they're pirates who rape. Well, maybe. Kirsten, don't be a pirate."

Oh, by the way, my new favorite Disney Princess is Rapunzel!!! :D

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