Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Turkey Day

Since my odd family was all gathered together the other day for Thanksgiving, you can just imagine the odd conversations that went on in our house. I've decided to add three small snippets of our day, in honor of the holiday.

Mom: Stop arguing. It's Thanksgiving! Today's supposed to be all about Jesus!
Me: No, it's about pilgrims killing indians. How does that have anything to do with Jesus?

Anonymous Family Member: I've got to go to the restroom. Sorry if that's gross, but my stomach's cramping.
Me: Ew!
Dad: What did they eat??
Nana: It's just the excitement of the day.
Me: Is that what you do when you're excited?!

Mitchell: I'm also thankful for crucifixion-
Me: Just crucifixion in general or a specific one?
Nathan (my uncle): Well, I'm thankful for the hangman's noose.
Me: The guillotine!
Nathan: Yes, the guillotine, the electric chair, lethal injections...

Have a great holiday weekend with your own quirky families! I'm rather amused by my own.

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