Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nanny Diaries: I'm Gonna Marry Him!

My first day as a nanny was yesterday and I already love it. I watch two girls, H (8) and L (5), and they are ridiculously fun to hang with. From my first day, I can already tell I'm going to love this job, even if it wears me out at times.
For my first day, I stayed for 3 hours. Only getting 30 minutes of TV a day, these girls are crazy creative and keen to do as many things as they can lay their hands on, often forgetting about one project when they dream up the other. We even found ourselves playing Sorry and putting together a Spongebob puzzle at the same time.
All in all, we have fun. We walked to the park, colored, put together puzzles, played with Aquasand, ate lunch, and went to ballet class.
It was after the aformentioned ballet class that the girls and I had this conversation:

H: I love him, he's my boyfriend.
L: But I thought Luke was your boyfriend.
H: I have two boyfriends, L. Two boyfriends.
Me: I'm pretty sure you can only have one boyfriend at a time, H. *long pause (we were getting in the car and getting buckled)* Does this boy know he's your boyfriend?
H: No, I've never told him.
L: I'm gonna tell him!
H: No!!!
Me: L, don't tell him she likes him if she doesn't want you to tell him.
L: *huffs loudly* But if you don't tell him, how are you gonna marry him?!
Me: I think she's got plenty of time for that, sweetheart. It'll be a while before she's old enough to get married.
H: Yeah, L, I have to be, like, older than a teenager. Right, Kirsten?
Me: You have to be at least 18, which is as old as me.
*both girls ponder this new information for a minute*
L: Then why aren't you married, yet?
Me: I haven't found a boy I wanna marry yet.
L: Can the girl ask the boy if he'll marry her or is he supposed to ask the girl?
Me: The boy is supposed to ask the girl.

I'm still laughing over it. :)

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  1. I love it. So glad to hear you love the girls. Wish I could be there with you girls!